Esports at Monash

Monash University Esports aims to provide a number of platforms and levels to cater for all Esport lovers. From social gamers to elite and competitive player development, we offer online leagues, weekly gaming/training sessions and other tournaments through a number of different avenues.


Monash Electronic Gaming Association (MEGA)

Monash Electronic Gaming Association (MEGA) is an Esports club and gaming community based at Monash University. Its aim is to enhance your university experience by providing a platform for students and staff to share their common passion for Esports and gaming in an engaging, positive and friendly community.


MEGA encourages students of all skill levels to join and participate in games such as League of Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege and Overwatch.

Learn more about MEGA and join here:

Varsity Representation

Join Monash University's varsity E-Sports team to represent the University at a myriad of competitions. There's the Nationals League of Legends tournament taking place on various dates from April through to May, if League of Legends is your game of choice, or if you just want to give E-Sports a go and represent Monash, then our varsity team is for you! Join or renew your membership here:


Monash Esports Lab
The Monash Esports Lab is now up and running.
Located in the basement of the Campus Centre at Clayton, boasting top end equipment and quality internet speed, the Lab offers a variety of Esport experiences for all students.

  • At least 12 high end PCs each

  • Pre loaded with a number of recognised competitive games.

  • Regular PC health checks and upgrades, as well as all popular esports titles installed

  • TV for coach/team use. Ultimately these features should allow for many of the popular Esports titles to be played competitively in the rooms. Events & Console Area - Convert the remainder of Baselab into a video game events, recreation and console area.

  • Allows for console Esports to be played within the space.

  • Smash Ultimate is set to be one of the larger Esports and will undoubtedly be on console

  • Allows for Esports & other video game events to be held in the area

  • Provides flexibility for use to the space.

  • Viewing area with large screen

  • Allows for Esports viewing events

  • Will assist in building tighter bonds between the members of the Monash University gaming community, creating both a pipeline to the official Esports teams as well as a fanbase & a following for the teams.

  • Booths for plug in & play ○ Allows for BYOD and more flexible events

  • Provides for niche subcommunities to form within Monash University and allows for the university to tap into those niche subcommunities for future Esports/Gaming teams and other ventures.

Ultimately, creating a recreational area with these features will improve the standing of this project to be a national leader in terms of gaming & esports spaces.

It will also provide a natural place for a community to form, which will act as a pipeline for drawing in top quality players where we can access them, and get them interested in trying out for official Monash teams, guaranteeing a continuous flow of players into official university teams. 

Research & Industry Engagement:

The eSports revolution is here – what does it mean for education?

The global eSports industry (organised competitive video game playing) is worth more than $1 billion. Given the youth appeal of eSports, schools and colleges are understandably beginning to explore the connections between eSports and education. Check out this article where three education experts discuss the possible beneficial teaching and learning applications of eSport and the risks.

Brainpark Research 

Brainpark is a thought leader on brain and mental health, particularly in relation to youth, young adults and healthy screen time.

Monash has become the test case on how actively balancing screen time, physical and mental exercise can lead to improved health outcomes.

Application of research into Esports programs from grassroots to elite will cover:

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

  • Performance/stress

  • Lifestyle balance 

More information about Brainpark can be found here:

MAX (Monash Arcade Expo)

In its fifth year, the Monash Arcade Expo - Australia's biggest university gaming event - was held online in 2021. It was a program, jam-packed with live-streamed gaming, including the League of Legends University Championship, an Overwatch Fun Mode Tournament, Minecraft Free Play, Tekken Tournament and more!

MAX is hosted in partnership with Monash Electronic Gaming Association (MEGA) and Campus Experience and Major Events. To watch, click the banner at the top or visit

Watch this space for information on the next annual Monash Arcade Expo!


If you would like to get in contact with MEGA, please contact them via their website or Facebook page. 

Monash Women’s Basketball team shoots and scores!

Monash Women’s Basketball team shoots and scores!

Our Monash Women’s Basketball team are red hot at UniSport Nationals!

Monash Women’s Touch aims for gold!

Monash Women’s Touch aims for gold!

Our Monash Women’s Touch Football team secured some incredible wins against some heavy competition!