MUDA is a fun, friendly and supportive community of people who love dodgeball!

We cater to all skill and experience levels, from those who are new to the sport to those who play at an elite-level.

*Winner of Most Outstanding New Sporting Club 2018*


Dodgeball is a fun, fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping sport which incorporates agility, strength, endurance, skill, teamwork and strategy. Monash University Dodgeball Association prides itself on its supportive and welcoming community which helps create a fun and friendly environment for all players, regardless of experience or skill level. With a range of social and competitive sessions and events, there is something for everyone - from those who just want to throw balls at their friends to those interested in high-level competitive play.

We offer a direct pathway from learning the basics of the sport, right through to state-level representation.