Monash Judo Club
‘Ju’ means gentleness or giving way, and ‘do’ means way of life, thus making Judo mean literally ‘the gentle way’ or ‘the way of giving way.’
Judo is astoundingly popular, there are more than 20 million judo players across 200 nations.


Judo is an unarmed modern Japanese martial art, combat sport, Olympic sport, and the most prominent form of jacket wrestling competed internationally. Monash Judo helps develop a diverse range of fitness; utilising aerobic and anaerobic systems, flexibility, joint mobility, isometric strength and explosive power. Enjoy competition with both the State Judo body and the Varsity Judo program. For the non-competitive people, Judo is an excellent recreational and social sport. Monash University Judo offers a safe space for all levels to learn and practice. We offer regular training and a structured curriculum that will test you mentally and physically.


Membership includes all training fees for the chosen membership length.  

A free trial for one training session is available to Monash students that are new to the club. 

Membership TypeMembership Length Cost 
Monash Student 1 Semester$70
Non-Monash Student1 Semester$140


Training sessions are appropriate for all experience levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

All training sessions take place in the Martial Arts Hall, Monash Sport Clayton Campus. 

Training Session Times:

Monday: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

Wednesday: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

Martial Arts Hall Location

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