Leadership, Excellence And Development (LEAD) Program

About the LEAD Program

In 2024 we were thrilled to announce the launch of our new Leadership, Excellence and Development program (LEAD); designed specifically for our Affiliated Sporting Clubs. The LEAD Program aims to foster leadership excellence within our sporting clubs. Formerly known as the Presidents’ Forum; this program was developed through consultation with club members and leaders on their key needs, and identifying common themes and/or challenges.

By extending training and development opportunities to all committee members, not just presidents, we promote collaboration and personal growth. The ripple effects of this will enable our clubs to become places where intentional and inclusive leadership is weaved into the discourse for all.

Four sessions will be held throughout the academic year, with each session covering unique carefully curated topics based on your feedback and suggestions. The program is designed to develop your leadership skills, encourage inclusive sporting engagement, and promote growth and development within your club. 

It is mandatory for one or more members of every Affiliated Sporting Club to attend each session. 

Upcoming Events

Details about Session 3 will be released soon.

Past Events

Recap on Session One

On Thursday 7 March, PREP launched LEAD Program Session One. With approximately 50 attendees representing 31 sporting clubs across the university, the program addressed topics on effective club governance, excelling in your executive committee position and how to foster an inclusive club environment.

Attendees heard from our Senior Programs Leader, Isabel Melles Taberner, who spoke on effective club management and governance. This was followed by specialised individual group sessions facilitated by guest expert speakers on the roles of club President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with the guest speakers, asking role-specific questions, and collaborate with fellow executive members to explore opportunities to excel in their position.

Following delicious catering from social enterprise, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, the program was rounded out with a session led by Jayde de Bondt, Senior Manager in Monash’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team. Jayde spoke to the benefits of creating an inclusive club culture and provided practical ways committee members could implement positive cultural change in their clubs.

All attendees were also given exclusive access to the newly launched Sporting Club Handbook which provides further information and tools for effective club governance.

Recap on Session Two

Session Two of the 2024 LEAD Program will be a highly interactive session based around Confident Communication & an introduction to all things Marketing and Promotions.

You will be provided with tools to improve your personal communication skills and that of your clubs. Our first speaker of the evening, Yvonne Virsik, will take you through an interactive workshop on how to speak and lead with confidence. 

Dale Cridland from Monash Sport will deliver the second presentation of the evening, focusing on marketing and promotion. Feedback from clubs indicates a need for guidance in this area, so seize this valuable opportunity to learn from a leading expert and current professional in the field at Monash.

If you would like any specific questions or areas covered please use the link here  to submit these.

Registrations have closed for Session 2. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Speaker Spotlight

Yvonne Virsik

Yvonne is the Artistic Director of Monash Uni Student Theatre, or MUST, your student theatre company, and a department of MSA. At MUST, Yvonne has produced and directed many productions and mentored hundreds of emerging theatre makers. She is a graduate of VCA Directing and has worked with Malthouse, MTC, La Mama, fortyfivedownstairs, and Red Stitch.

Dale Cridland

Dale is the Stakeholder Engagement Manager for Monash Sport with a background in community engagement, student recruitment, brand management and brand empowerment. Her passions aligning with this Club Lead session include connecting people, stories and brand enhancement, stemming from her beach and indoor volleyball background.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the LEAD Program, please contact one of our project leads, Fay Goodall - fay.goodall@monash.edu or Chloe Gibson, chloe.gibson1@monash.edu  

Monash Triumph at UniSport Nationals Athletics

Monash Triumph at UniSport Nationals Athletics

On April 24-26, 17 of our student athletes represented Monash University at UniSport Australia’s Athletics Nationals, which took place on the Gold Coast. Overall, Monash placed 8th and 9th respectively in the men’s and women’s, out of 33 different universities.

Monash Success at the Big Blue Multi-Sport Varsity Challenge

Monash Success at the Big Blue Multi-Sport Varsity Challenge

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