Representing Monash

Represent Monash University in sporting competitions across Australia and the world!

Intervarsity sport in Australia dates back to the late 1800's and is often the highlight of a students Uni Life!

We provide students with the opportunity to represent the University in a variety of regional, national and international competitions, such as the Big Blue, Varsity Challenge, Uni Nationals and World Uni Championships.


UniSport Australia events

UniSport Australia (UniSport) is the peak governing body of university sport in Australia. They promote and foster the importance of university sport as an integral part of university life at 43 member universities, who collectively represent more than one million students nationwide. 

With more than 40 sports in national championship format, UniSport hosts some of the largest and most highly anticipated university sporting competitions in the Australian sporting calendar and represent the pinnacle of student-athlete participation nationally.

Due to COVID restrictions in Victoria, all remaining scheduled Varsity events have been cancelled for 2021.

The Calendar of 2022 UniSport Australia Events is attached below. 

Date  Location Sport 
11-13 Mar Mooloolaba, QLD Triathlon
19-21 Apr Gold Coast, QLD Athletics 
20-22 Apr Hobart, TAS 3x3 Basketball 
Apr-Sep Online League of Legends 
26-30 Jun Brisbane, QLD Indigenous Nationals 
12-14 Jul Sunshine Coast, QLD  Surfing 
01-05 Aug Sunshine Coast, QLD T20 Cricket 
04-08 Sep Mt Buller, VIC Snow 
18 Sep  Sydney, NSW Distance Running 
24-30 Sep Perth, WA Unisport Nationals 

View the full UniSport Australia event calendar

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Big Blue Varisty Challenge 

The Big Blue encapsulates the sporting rivalry between Victoria’s two largest Universities: Monash and Melbourne.

Rivals on and off the sporting field, the matches are played at Monash’s Clayton Campus or Melbourne’s Parkville Campus during Semester and offer a chance for students to represent their University in a local and competitive setting, at no cost.

A winner is declared at the conclusion of Semester 2 when the head-to-head results are tallied up.

2021 Result: Monash University defeated University of Melbourne, 11-10

Sport Result Scores
Soccer M ⚽️ MON MON 2 - MELB 0
Soccer W ⚽️ MELB MELB 2 - MON 2 (Penalties)
Tennis M 🎾 MELB MELB 2 - MON 1
Tennis W 🎾 MELB MELB 2 - MON 1
Ultimate MX 🥏 MON MON 10 MELB 6
Volleyball M 🏐 MON MON 2 - MELB 1
Volleyball W 🏐 MELB MELB 2 - MON 1
Basketball M 🏀 MON MON 58 - MELB 56
Basketball W 🏀 MON MON 65 - MELB 63
Rowing 8's M 🚣‍♂️ MON  
Rowing 8's W 🚣‍♀️  MON  
Hockey M 🏑 MELB MELB 3 - MON 1
Hockey W 🏑 MON MON 1 - MELB 0
Squash M 🎾 MELB MELB 4 - MON 0
Squash W 🎾 MON MON 4 - MELB 0
Touch MX 🏉 MON MON 8 - MELB 4
Table Tennis M 🏓 MELB MELB 3 - MON 2
Badminton M 🏸 MELB MELB 3 - MON 2
Badminton W 🏸 MON MON 3 - MELB 0

2021 Overall Big Blue result:


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Monash Wins Big Blue Competition Against Melb Uni

Monash Wins Big Blue Competition Against Melb Uni

Monash University and The University of Melbourne went head to head one last time in this year’s Big Blue Competition. Despite Covid-19 making it difficult for teams to play throughout each semester, an amazing 21 Big Blue events were held at Monash’s Clayton Campus and Melbourne’s Parkville Campus.

Monash gymnast Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva heads to Moscow to take on the world stage

Monash gymnast Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva heads to Moscow to take on the world stage

Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva is a Monash first-year Law student and one of the most decorated gymnasts in Australia.