Jiu-Jitsu Club

Terms and Conditions of Membership

These terms and conditions cover the participation in martial arts activities of Jiu-Jitsu and Judo undertaken by the Monash University Jiu-Jitsu Club Incorporated. For the purposes of this agreement, 'the Club' or ‘Club’ refers to the Monash University Jiu-Jitsu Club Incorporated, its instructors, representatives, members, affiliates and authorised guests.

Activities' refer to any and all forms of martial arts training and associated events undertaken by the Club.

Club instructors are defined as members of the Club that are of Black Belt ranking and who are officially recognised as instructors, or assistant instructors of the Australian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Chinese Boxing Federation of Instructors, or its affiliate organisations.

Participants are defined as any person, including minors,undertaking activities in the course of club training sessions or associated events.

Martial arts activities involve bodily contact, physical exercise, exertion and mental activities that carry with them a risk of injury, harm, stress or disability. Participation in martial arts activities necessarily requires acknowledgement and acceptance of these risks.

By participating in Club activities, including training sessions, participants agree that they will:
• comply with all reasonable instructions from Club instructors;
• accept liability for any and all illness, injury, stress, harm, disability or death arising to themselves, either directly or indirectly as a result of participation in training activities;
• indemnify the Club, its instructors, other participants, Monash Sport and Monash University in respect of costs, loss or damage arising as a result from participation in training activities;
• in the event of injury, accident or illness, authorise the Club or Monash Sport Representatives to take any and all steps that they deem reasonable and necessary to ensure proper treatment and care; and,
• agree to reimburse the Club and/or Monash Sport for any costs and expenses incurred as a result of treatment and care deemed reasonable and necessary.

If the participant is a minor, their parent or legal guardian agrees to also be bound by the terms and conditions outlined above.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

By providing your personal information you acknowledge and consent that:

1. The Club can collect and use your information for the purposes of providing membership to the Club and access to sporting facilities managed by Monash Sport;
2. That the club may disclose your personal information, on a confidential basis, to Monash Sport, for the purposes of administering sporting clubs and providing access to facilities;
3. You represent to the Club that where you provide personal information about another person, that you are authorised to provide that information and that you will inform that person who the Club is, how it may disclose their information and how they can gain access to that information.