About Student Performance, Representation and Engagement Programs (PREP)

The PREP team supports and enables the university community through a number of programs and services. We enter teams into Varsity competitions, govern 35 Sporting Clubs, coordinate the Elite Student Performer Scheme and oversee off campus event guidelines.

Our staff:

Our staff, together with a team of student casuals and over 900 volunteers, provide support for the individuals and teams who represent the university, at home and overseas. Meet the team!

Michael Jones, Senior Program Leader

Michael (or MJ) leads our Club Development portfolio, covering:

  • Club affiliation agreements
  • Club liaison, governance and reporting
  • Support for club volunteer and leadership development

MJ has over 20 years experience playing club sport and serving on sporting club committees. He is well placed to support our sporting clubs, ensuring they play a key role in community development and social engagement within the University community.

Email: Michael.Jones@monash.edu
Tel: 9905 1073

Matthew Sheldon-Collins, Senior Program Leader

Matt leads our Varsity portfolio, developing formal opportunities for Monash students to represent the University in inter-university competitions and activities including:

  • Australian University Games
  • Indigenous Games
  • Varsity Challenge (Monash v University of Melbourne)

Matt has over 30 years experience in this field, giving Monash students the opportunity to learn from one of Australia's best team management practitioners.

Email: Matthew.Sheldon-Collins@monash.edu
Tel: 9905 4325

Carolyn Gordon, Senior Program Leader

Carolyn (or Caz) leads the Elite Student Performer Scheme, supporting our elite athletes and performers, at home and overseas whilst they complete their studies. She also looks after our Community Activities portfolio, covering the University community's social responsibilities.

Caz has over 15 years experience across a range of student engagement and development programs.

Email: Carolyn.Gordon@monash.edu
Tel: 9905 4590

Where to find us:

We are located in the Campus Community Division offices in the Campus Centre, Clayton Campus:

Room 1-177
Level 1 - Campus Centre
21 Chancellors Walk
Clayton campus

Get social:

    Monash swimmers make waves at this year's Uni Nationals

    Monash swimmers make waves at this year's Uni Nationals

    14 talented swimmers made a huge impact at Nationals, ranking 8th out of 22 universities overall and becoming the top Victorian team to compete.

    3x3 Basketball team to go global as Monash records strong UniSport National results

    3x3 Basketball team to go global as Monash records strong UniSport National results

    Monash University’s men’s 3x3 basketball team is off to New Zealand following a great showing in Sydney at UniSport Nationals!