Olivia Mc Mahon


Hundreds of students turned out for the 2023 Monash Club Awards in what was once again a successful event.

Held at the beautiful Leonda by the Yarra, this year’s event celebrated almost two years back on campus following the COVID-19 pandemic, with most clubs now back to full strength. 

Clubs are the lifeblood of student life, providing students with lifelong friendships, opportunities to gain new skills and grow outside of their comfort zones.

The night was a celebration for clubs of all shapes and sizes across Monash and acknowledged the students and groups that went above and beyond for their Club in 2023! 

The Club Awards celebrated MSA (Monash Student Association) Clubs, along with Team Monash Sporting Clubs, all of which have worked tirelessly to provide students with opportunities to engage in sports from surfing to fencing. 

We got the chance to speak to many of the sporting award winners during the night and it was clear to see the passion and the energy they had put into improving and growing their sports clubs. 

One such club was The Monash Boardriders. They were extremely excited after winning the 'Most Popular Sporting Club of the Year' award, but were equally if not more excited when Ellen Stockton won the 'Inspiring Woman of the Year' Award.

Ellen, who is also the President of the Monash Boardriders Club, said 'the Club awards night was an incredible opportunity to celebrate our club and all of the wonderfully diverse clubs at Monash, along with the staff and committee members who keep them going! 

“Monash Board Riders were absolutely ecstatic to have won two awards, and it was such an honour for all of us. I was absolutely thrilled and so thankful to have received the Inspiring Woman award! 

“I could not have done it without the kind words my VP Justin Lineham wrote in nominating me, as well as the tireless work and the love each member of the MBR committee has put into our club this year, making it as amazing as it is. Each of them inspire me every day, and it has been such a privilege to have led them in 2023.

“I’m also incredibly inspired by our female, gender diverse and LGBTQ+ members of committee. Our inclusivity as a club and focus on underrepresented groups is something that we pride ourselves on, and I’m so proud of the courage and determination shown by these committee members. 

“They are the truly inspiring ones, and so are all of the women and gender diverse people who surf, skate and snowboard! To them - Keep on shredding, no matter what level you’re at, you’re doing amazing! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to allow people to learn and develop their boardriding skills this year, no matter their background.”

 Congratulations to all award winners of the 2023 Monash Clubs & Societies Awards, especially to our sporting club awardees:

1. Most Outstanding Sporting Event: Nationals Show Off, Monash Cheer and Dance 

2. Sporting Officer Bearer of the Year: Gavin Qian, Monash University Dodgeball Association 

3. Inspiring Woman of the Year: Ellen Stockton, Monash Boardriders Club 

4. Sporting Club of the Year: Monash University Fencing Club

5. Most Popular Sporting Club: Monash Boardriders Club

6. Most Outstanding Administration: Monash Cheer and Dance  

Overall, there was plenty of food, laughs, smiles and dancing as the night wore on!

Congratulations to all Monash Clubs as well as the award winners from the night. 

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