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Table Tennis Olympian and Monash alumni, Heming Hu has announced his retirement.

In a post to Instagram, the table tennis star shared with his followers a video of the past 22 years with a caption announcing his retirement. It comes as the Monash graduate turns 28 years old.

To his Instagram followers, Heming reflected on his table tennis career and highlighted his favourite moments. Such as, meeting Rafael Nadal and Usain Bolt to playing in the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games.

In an interview with Heming, he said that it was when he came back from a tournament in Canberra after the Tokyo Olympics, he realised that he wanted to retire.

“I realised I was completely flat and it was time to hang it up,” Heming said.

“It was just a matter of when, so having a look at all things considered, I decided to do it straight away.”

When asked how he felt about not having table tennis at the forefront of his mind anymore, he said that it was very liberating.

“Table Tennis has been a 22 year long journey, I regret none of it. It’s been an amazing journey that has given me a lot of amazing memories… and given me more confidence as a human”

“Now I can start other journeys, and use the skills I learnt from table tennis into something else.”

Heming wants to move on with the next chapter of his life and focus on motivational speaking and life coaching other athletes and young people.

“I want to teach other athletes and young people across the world on how to be resilient and use the lessons that I learn from my table tennis journey to teach people on how to deal with pressure, anxiety and stress.”

Reflecting on his long journey as a Table Tennis player, Heming also mentioned how good of a feeling it was to successfully achieve something.

“There is no other feeling than finally achieving something after so many setbacks. It’s the best feeling in the world,” he said.

Heming studied a Bachelor of Science/Education whilst he was at Monash and graduated in 2018. Though he plans to focus on his end goal of becoming a public speaker, he is grateful for his degree and is ready to move on with the next chapter of his life.

“[My degree] is always something that I would keep in the back of my toolbox. I will always have it as a backup.”

Heming has been an active figure in the table tennis club at Monash and was a proud member of the ESPS program throughout his years at University. He has supported the table tennis team through training, competitions and other events as well as attended ESPS launches to speak to students who are going through a similar journey as he did.

We wish Heming all the best in his future endeavours and have enjoyed watching him grow as an athlete and achieve incredible accomplishments throughout his table tennis career.

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