2024 Squash Club Student Pennant Pass
2024 Squash Club Student Pennant Pass
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Purchase a Pennant Pass to upgrade your Student Social Membership to a Pennant Membership


  • $65.00
Pennant Pass (Full Year/Half Year)
Monash University Students $65*/40*

*All Pennant club members are required to register as a 'Local Metro' member with SquashVic. The SquashVic 'Local Metro' membership requires a separate fee to be paid in addition to Club membership fees, see below for more details). Besides this one additional fee there are no additional fees for Pennant players.

Club memberships are available for full or half year periods at fixed dates which are aligned with Monash University semester dates.

Full year club membership Half year club membership
  • Commences from week 1 of semester 1 and expires the day before week 1 of semester 1 in the following year
  • Commences from week 1 of the current semester and expires the day before week 1 of the subsequent semester.
  • A half year membership provides membership coverage for a single semester only. To be a member of the club for semester 1 and 2, a full year membership is required.
  • As an example, a half year membership that is purchased in week 2 of semester 1 is valid for semester 1 and the following exam and vacation period. That membership still expires the day before semester 2.

SquashVic membership

All club members are required to be registered SquashVic members. The following table lists SquashVic membership options available to Monash University Squash Club members.

SquashVic membership Full-year cost SquashVic benefits Club membership
Local Metro $120
  • SquashLevels Gold
  • SquashTV subscription
  • Personal Accident Insurance coverage for competition and training
Required for all Pennant club members

More information about SquashVic memberships is available on the registration page.