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Monash University Dodgeball Association (MUDA) ran its first Online Trivia Night last Wednesday, 29 April.

Despite all of the changes to the club's activities due to COVID-19, MUDA members and friends still had the opportunity to battle it out for the title of MUDA's 'Biggest Brain'.

It was an awesome night, with six teams pushing their brains to their limits to answer questions about everything from 'Which metal element is liquid at room temperature?' to 'How many balls were juggled for the world record?'. To go along with the question rounds, teams had to work together to complete a number of mini-games. Think you're smarter than a dodgeballer? Try one of our mini-games below.

A big thank you to our MCs for the night, Chris and Alexa, our incredible Events Manager, Tim Pham, and the members of the committee and VDL leadership team who helped pull this off! Thank you to all the MUDA members and friends who participated in our Online Trivia Night. We look forward to running more great events soon! Like our Facebook page to keep updated on when our next event is happening!

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