Varsity Roundnet

Come and try Roundnet!

Each year we host Roundnet sessions at Monash Sport, providing the perfect opportunity for anyone to try a fun new sport and take a break from study!

Opportunities in 2024:

Monash vs UniMelb Big Blue Varsity Challenge
Location: Monash University, Clayton Campus
Date: Monday 15th April

What is Roundnet?

Roundnet is an action-packed ballgame combining the skills of handball and volleyball with a horizontal trampoline-like net. 

The game is played between two teams, each comprising of two players, which start on opposite sides of the net. The game begins by one player spiking the ball into the net and up into the air.

Each time the ball bounces up from the net the opposing team will have up to three touches of the ball (like in volleyball), before needing to spike the ball back onto the net. The aim of the game is to spike the ball in manner that the opposing team is unable to return it.

Roundnet is the perfect sport for anyone who loves a fast-paced sport full of epic dives, close saves and fun. 

We encourage everyone, regardless of ability or experience in the sport to give it a go and try out!

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