We are a soccer club affiliated with Monash University and are also known as Monash Gryphons. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome to join us down at the East Caulfield Reserve where we train through the week. Come try out and play with us!



Due to COVID-19, our club has been on a break for the past few months. However, we have resumed training for our current members and will open up training to players who are keen on joining us in the coming weeks. There are many restrictions in place to ensure that social distancing is ensured and everyone participating in our club activities are safe. If you are interested in attending training, contact the President to express your interest and you will be added into the Facebook group where most of our announcements and communications to all the players are done.

It is a violations of the rules set out by the government and the university as all attendees need to be registered to the club and we have to ensure that we do not exceed the 20 player limit.

Our Club has been affiliated with the Monash University - Caulfield campus since 1994 and is also affiliated with Monash University - Clayton campus. Over this time, the Club has provided Monash students (local and international), Monash alumni and the local community the opportunity to play football / soccer. Our strengths are the multi-cultural make-up of the club and desire of players to experience the different cultures of all players. This makes for strong teams and adds to the benefits of being involved with the Club. Many players stay in touch through our Club email, website, Facebook page and players travelling overseas come back to play with us when possible.
In 2014, celebrating our 20th year as a club, we ended the year as Metro 3 champions.

In 2018, our veteran's team became Metro 7 champions in their debut season.

In 2019, we successfully established our Women's team and we are currently looking for more players, regardless of experience.
However, due to the COVID-19 situation, our Women's team has been suspended for the rest of the year due to a lack of numbers. We will restart the team in 2021 following a recruitment campaign through the University's orientation festival.

Currently, the club is part of Football Federation Victoria (FFV) with two teams entered in the competitions.

Monash Gryphons - Metro League 4
Monash Gryphons (Veterans/Uncles) - Metro League 6