We are a soccer club affiliated with Monash University and are also known as Monash Gryphons. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome to join us down at the East Caulfield Reserve where we train through the week. Come try out and play with us!


Established in 2007, the Monash Gryphons Social Football Club has carved its legacy as a local institution dedicated to promoting health, camaraderie, and the beautiful game of football. Rooted in the mission to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds, we foster an inclusive community that transcends borders. Our club embodies the spirit of teamwork and communication, using football as a conduit to strengthen both the body and mind.

Join us to experience the benefits of this dynamic sport while forging lasting friendships on and off the field.


Membership with the Monash Gryphons comes with budget-friendly options.

Pricing per season

Monash Students: $350

Community members: $400

Training-only: $200

Explore football with us at a cost that fits your preference.

Membership Package includes:

  • Full kit for the season 
  • Participation in training sessions throughout the season 
  • Registration to play in our metropolitan South-East division- tailored to either Division 5 or 7 based on individual skill levels.

Join us for a well-rounded football experience on Sundays or focus on honing your skills during our dedicated training sessions.

Whether you're new to the club or unsure if football is your game, we offer a risk-free trial period. At the beginning of the season, enjoy a complimentary one-month trial ending in April to experience our club and the sport firsthand. It's the perfect opportunity to kick off your football journey with us without any commitments.

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Our training sessions are designed to enhance your overall football skills. This includes focused exercises to improve stamina, fundamental ball control techniques, and engaging group training. Whether you're aiming to boost your fitness or refine your game, our training regimen caters to various skill levels, ensuring a well-rounded and beneficial experience for every member.

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm 

Location: East Caulfield Reserve 

More Information


For general enquiries please contact monashunigryphs@gmail.com