Connor Mai


Semester one's Orientation Week in 2024 turned out to be an absolute triumph, captivating tens of thousands of students across our vibrant campuses. The atmosphere was electric as free food, an abundance of sports, and the beloved Team Monash mascot 'Dash' added a delightful touch to the festivities, spreading joy among both first-year students and those who joined in the 4 day event.

Across Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula, and Parkville campuses, more than 30 sporting clubs, alongside Team Monash and Monash Sport, showcased their offerings, attracting a wave of enthusiastic new members. The week served as a lively introduction to University life, offering an array of opportunities from representing Monash in Varsity sport to signing up for a gym membership, participating in swim lessons, or joining a club. Truly, there was something for everyone.

Monash University's sporting clubs play a pivotal role in facilitating connections, fostering friendships, and honing skills. This O-Week was a golden chance for clubs to welcome new members into their fold, creating a vibrant community spirit that will undoubtedly fuel their activities throughout the year.

As the week unfolded, the enthusiasm was palpable, with sporting clubs witnessing students showing keen interest in getting involved. We caught up with representatives from various clubs at the week's end, and here's what they had to share about the fantastic experience.

Rhys Watson - Monash University Fencing Club

“O-Week has been really good for the club, and we have had a lot of interest when compared to last year. We have been running come and try sessions for students every day, and it's fantastic to see so many new faces rock up and give it a try!”

Victoria Stock - Monash University Waterpolo Club

“There were a lot of new students that stopped by the stall, and a lot of them were really enthusiastic, and willing to try new things. I think one of the benefits of O-Week is the opportunity to meet them face to face, and really get to know them and what they want to get out of your sport. It’s also great to to showcase a sport which isn't as well known and a bit niche, and show that Monash can offer a huge variety of sports”

Monash University Soccer Club

O-Week has been really great to meet everyone and to get new members involved at different skill levels. The club has recently started a beginners team for the women's and it's amazing to see how many girls are interested in getting into the club. Overall, it's nice to see how much interest we have in this sport and who wants to join and get involved.

Ellen Walker - Monash University Table Tennis Club

“We saw a lot of interest throughout O-Week from students that stopped by our stall. It was great to meet a lot of new faces, and then see them show up at our come and try sessions. It was also amazing to see lots of students meeting other people and making new friends, and bonding over playing table tennis.”

Hugo Ragg - Monash Roundnet Group

“O-Week has been amazing for Monash Roundnet. We have gained over 50 members which is great. There's so many new people who are keen to try out the sport. It’s been really fun meeting new people and demonstrating to them how easy and fun it is to get into Roundnet.”

What a wonderful way to kick start the semester. Watch our wrap-up video of O-Week here and check out our Facebook page here for photos from the week.

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