MUOC Gear Hire 2024
MUOC Gear Hire 2024
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General camping equipment available for hire including basic tents, sleeping bags and bags. Gear hired is to be used on MUOC club trips: only hire after signing up for club trip. (We are not currently hiring gear for use on personal trips.) If you do not wish to hire a particular item, please select the 'none' option for that item. Hiring will not be available within 5 days of the club trip Please reach out to if you have any questions

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----------------MUOC GEAR HIRE -----------------------

Use this page to hire gear through the club. Currently we are only hiring gear to members attending official club trips. We are not hiring gear for use on personal trips.

Hiring will not be available within 5 days of the club trip

If you do not wish to hire a particular item please select the 'None' option.

Please reach out to if you have any questions. 

----------------TERMS AND CONDITIONS----------------

1. GOLDEN RULE: Treat MUOC gear as if it is your own

2. Only 1 gear item can be hired for each gear type (i.e. you can not hire 3 hiking tents at once)

3. You must be present to hire and return your own gear. You can not hire or return on behalf of someone. You can not hire extra gear for friends who are not members of MUOC or who are not present to collect their own gear. 

4. Upon return, you will be requested to present all components of the hired items, i.e., tents must be fully set up and inspected by a committee member. If the returns office judges that the gear returned is not in satisfactory condition, the matter will be escalated to the Gear Overlord. A fine may be imposed if the gear is (the fine amount will be determined case by case):

Dirty or wet gear

Damaged gear requiring repair or replacement 

Lost gear or missing gear components i.e. no bag or tent pegs 

Item borrowed does not match item returned

5. Gear hire is only for the duration of the club's event.

6. You are expected to clean and dry your equipment before returning it to the location and date set by the trip leader

7. If you are unsure of how a gear item is used, it is your responsibility to ask the relevant committee member

8. Do not store or eat food in tents. Trust us, the wildlife will destroy the tent trying to get to the food. If car camping, leave food in the car. If hiking, thoroughly seal and wrap any food in your pack. 

Failure to adhere to any of these terms and conditions may risk facing a fine and jeopardize your ability to hire gear from MUOC in the future.