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Aikido Video Resources for At Home Training as Monash Sport and therefore Monash Aikido Club remains closed...

While we are under lockdown, here are a few resources to continue your Aikido Journey with Monash Aikido Club and beyond.

We have 2 club-created short clips introducing how we would warm up in class. The first video briefly shows the gist of how we would get on the mat, bow and do some physical warmups before each class during these COVID-safe times.

Warming up in class (2xspeed)

The second video runs for 4-mins. It gives a brief run-through of common basic techniques you will see taught in our classes when lockdown is finished. Beginners, see if you can spot a common body pattern emerging from each technique! (Correction: shomenuchi sankyo is supposed to be yokumenuchi sankyo- can you see the difference in the attack?)

Aikido Brief Class Techniques (2xSpeed)

For a more closer look of our syllabus-related techniques, we recommend these Aikikai Australia videos:

Aikikai Australia: Syllabus-related videos

Aikikai Australia: At Home Training Resources

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