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Although Monash University does not have an affiliated basketball club, there are a number of opportunities to get involved in basketball at Monash!

However, both Social Sport and Varsity competitions are available for students to participate in. 

Social Sport 

Social sport is a Monash Sport program which allows students of all skill and experience levels to play basketball in a supportive and fun environment.

As part of this program, participants can compete in regular 3x3 and mixed basketball competitions at Clayton and Caulfield campuses throughout the semester. 

All participants must register as part of a team prior to competitions to be eligible to compete.

If you are interested in participating in social sport but currently do not have a team, join this Facebook group where you can connect with other people interested in playing!  

To find out more or register to join social sport, click here.  

Varsity Basketball

Additionally, Monash University has a selective Varsity Basketball team which competes against other Australian Universities at competitions such as UniSport Nationals and Big Blue Exhibition matches.

To be selected to represent Monash at competitions, athletes must be of a high calibre and undergo a competitive try-out process. Many of our varsity athletes compete at a national or international level.

For more information about Varsity Basketball click here. 

Casual play

Got a break between classes, head down to Monash Sport and shoot some hoops. Bookings can be made via phone or at a Monash Sport service desk. Bookings can be made up to 2 days in advance and students receive a 50% discount between 8am-2pm weekdays! Offer available to current Monash University students.

Find out more about casual play here.

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