To potential new members,
As we are all well aware, Melbourne and much of Victoria has now entered stage 4 lockdown. Given the recent announcements and our responsibility to keep our members safe when training, the committee of Monash University Jiu-Jitsu club (covering both Clayton and Caulfield) have decided to:
1. suspend in-person training indefinitely, likely for the remainder of 2020, and
2. cease seeking new members, given the greater challenges of getting started in our martial arts through purely online instruction
If we can return to in-person training later in 2020, these classes will be open to existing members only, and will abide by rules set in place by the Victoria Government, our parent martial arts body, and Monash University, as set out in our updated Return to Play plan. While training is suspended we urge existing members to join us for some of the free online training sessions that we have been running on Wednesday evenings, as well as other free online classes and seminars available via The Australian JiuJitsu, Judo and Chinese Boxing Federation of Instructors (full details and sign up can be found on the website), and occasional social events.We urge everyone to stay safe, and look after yourself both physically and mentally.

About Jiu-Jitsu and the Monash Club

Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that emphasises effective self-defence and character development. Training in traditional Jiu-Jitsu develops great all-round fitness, precise technique, and is a lot of fun. Our style includes throws, strikes, joint locks, strangles, use of pressure points and ground-fighting. Classes are conducted at both Clayton and Caulfield campuses. We cater for all skill levels, with experienced and qualified instructors taking classes. As well as classes, formal grading is available, and social events are conducted throughout the year.