Monash University Soccer Club (Clayton)

Please see below a guide on how to access some of our member benefits (updated for the 2024 season), including how to access health cover through Monash when injured while at a club-approved activity (training or games including friendlies in particular).

Gym Memberships

From 2024, access to gym memberships for club members have been automated by Monash Sport. Once registered on Connected Communities as a club member (please check with a committee member to make sure you've been approved first), gym memberships can be acquired at the discounted rate from the Monash Sport front desk, valid until Feb 28th 2024. Their system should recognise you're a club member and allow you to use the discounted rate, though it may be worth mentioning this when asking to sign up to make sure they check for it.

Once you have a gym membership, you get full access to;


  • Gym and Pool facilities, at all of Clayton, Caulfield and Peninsula campuses
  • Any fitness classes that may be running
  • For students, access will be added to your student card
  • For non-students, please bring photo ID for a specific Monash Sport ID to be printed for you
  • Extra facility use such as court hire is not covered by the membership

Please note that some staff are unfamiliar with the procedure as it's fairly new, so be patient with them and try again later if no one present knows how to apply the discount.

Physiotherapy with Integrated Health Monash

As part of a new partnership this year with Integrated Health at Monash Clayton Campus this season, a number of physio benefits have been made available to club members.
  • On Tuesday nights from 6-7pm, a physiotherapist has been running a triage service for any club member who has acquired an injury over the weekend. This is open to members from all teams and generously provided free of charge, and is designed to briefly assess any issue and recommend further treatment with them if necessary. Depending on how busy he is, Jake may be able to help strap/support the injury or provide short initial treatment, particularly for those trying to train on the night.
    This service also serves as the initial consultation for any further treatment if necessary, allowing you to book online and immediately access the cheaper, 20 minute standard review appointments.
    Please note this is not meant for free, continued treatment of an injury and is for assessments/minor treatment only, anything that requires further treatment will need to be through standard review appointments with the clinic.
    Bookings are not required for the triage sessions but are recommended to make sure Jake has time to see you. They can be found in the link below, under Monash Clayton's group sessions as MUSC Screening.
  • A discounted rate for club members, with appointments being offered at $67 for all club members, student or not at Integrated Health - Monash Clayton clinic, just inside Monash Sport. This is $10 less than their standard student rate.

Bookings can be made online via their website and choosing monash clayton. For physio appointments, choose 40 min initial consultation if you haven't been to triage service, or 20 min standard review if Jake has told you that's okay to do (NOTE: Website is down for maintenance as of writing, but the booking form is still active);

Monash Group Personal Accident Cover for Injuries

If an injury has been acquired while representing the club for a university approved activity (at training, or during a game), you may need treatment and be looking for some financial assistance. The club is covered by the Monash group personal accident insurance policy, and as such you may be able to claim expenses not covered by Medicare. The policy does not cover medicare gap payments (i.e. if medicare covers part of a treatment, you can't claim the remaining part). Claims can be made up to a year after the initial injury, including treatment running up until that point, while receipts can be added for further treatment after the initial claim is processed.

Speicifc details of the insurance policy can be found at this link;

To file a claim, the process is as follows;
  1. IF INJURED OFF CAMPUS: Skip to step 2.
    If the injury was acquired on campus, an incident report needs to be filled out in addition to the claim. Students and Staff can do this via the Monash SARAH portal via
    this link, while community members can do this by calling the Monash Sport front desk at 9905 4102. Injuries off-campus do not need to complete this step. This step should be done as soon after the injury as possible to avoid Monash complaining about any delays. If submitting via SARAH;
    • Choose the option to report an incident under Incident/hazard Reporting -> An OHS Incident
    • Choose volunteering or visiting under the time category, monash grounds or offsite option under incident details, sporting facility in location category and describe the location (Soccer pitch 1, clubrooms etc).
    • Choose Sport/Recreation as work activity, mentioning the club and activity (training, game etc), and describe incident under the incident title and description.
    • On the next page, leave input ref number blank, choose yes under injury occurring, and include witness details if applicable.
    • On the next page, choose 4.3 - musculoskeletal stress from awkward posture or repetitive movement under the incident mechanism and 7.1 Outdoor working environment for cause
    • Choose a suitable injury classification, likely from fracture, or loss of movement for muscular injuries or pain for contact injuries that don't cause one of the other two. Then choose the part of the body injured, likely hips and legs, and describe the injury (or injuries)
    • Leave the assign to and notified of this incident sections as is
    • On the next page, tick yes if first aid is administered, and yes if medical treatment has been provided. Describe the treatment you've had to this point if any, or maybe tick medical treatment and list what is likely to be needed such as physio.
    • Make sure to press submit when it's all done.
  2. Once the above step is completed if necessary, the following claim form needs to be filled out and emailed to Include in the email an overview of the injury, and location it occurred. The form can be completed digitally or by hand, but it is important to follow all steps correctly to streamline the process and help you get your claim through quicker. The form can be found here; Insurance Claim Form
    The policy reimburses costs incurred. Please attach all supporting documents for treatment including payment receipts.
    A few pointers for filling out the form;
    • An appointment with a GP assessing the injury will be necessary, as part of the form needs to be filled out by a medical practitioner. Review and completion of this form by a medical practitioner (e.g. GP or specialist doctor) is mandatory, even if ongoing treatment is allied health only (i.e. physiotherapy). It is beneficial to have any recommended ongoing therapy (i.e. physiotherapy/myotherapy etc) included in this section by your doctor upon their completion of this form. It does not, however, require you to attach specific referral forms for physio, but would be recommended if other specialists or scans are required.
    • Section 1: Leave policy number blank, to be completed by the insurance company.
    • Include a witness who is happy to be contacted if there was one there, such as your coach if present, and a contact email for them.
    • Make sure to include sufficient detail explaining the injury in the form, and to sign the privacy statement in section 7. Leave any sections not relevant to you (such as section 4 for illness and section 8 for workers comp) blank.
    • Attach any referrals and receipts you have as supplementary documents, providing proof of any expenses you've incurred and the necessity of them.
    • Make sure you emphasise you're registered with our club (Monash University Soccer Club) on the form somewhere, and what activity you were doing as part of the club.
  3. A few pointers for filling out the form;
  4. If you have questions or would like to include the club updated on progress, feel free to contact us via the club Facebook page or a committee member directly, or you can cc our email when filing the initial claim.