Pre-season Membership

Price: $50

Players are required to purchase a non-refundable Pre-season Membership in order to continue training past the start of March and be eligible for selection in a team. This does not include players already selected for the Men's Seniors squad.  If a player then secures a spot in one of the above teams, the $50 payment is deducted from the Playing Membership fee.

Playing Membership

Member Category Registration fee1 Goalkeeper
Students $425 $50
Community $480 $50
Semester 1 only
(available for students on international or interstate exchange program who will not reside in Melbourne during the 2nd semester)
Students $330 $0
Winter only
(available if joining after 1st of June)
Students $300 $0
Community $330 $0
Semester 2
(available if joining after 15th of July)
Students $220 $0
Community $250 $0

1 Any payment of Pre-season Membership fee ($50) should be deducted from the registration fee. The amount listed is the TOTAL amount payable for the season.

Fee Breakdown

The Playing Membership covers the costs of registration with the FFV, coaching, venue hire, referee fees, etc. Here is a more detailed look at what your membership fee contributes to:

Expense category Cost per
FFV affiliation & team entry fees $54
FFV player registration fees $161
FFA player registration fees $25
FFV referees $51
Coaching & support staff $116
Venue hire $32
Game-day & Equipment $37
Total $476

The core club expenses of $476 per member significantly exceed the club's baseline registration fees of $370 and $400. Therefore, the club also relies on sponsorship, canteen sales and social event ticket sales to cover all of the costs associated with running a soccer club in an FFV competition.