Aikido Club

Observing a Class

Before you can train with us, we ask that you observe a class or demonstration first. This is a condition of our parent organisation's insurance policy.


Trial Classes

Your first two classes are considered trial classes. The start of semester is generally when most beginners or new starters join, but we welcome new members at any time.

Please complete and bring an Aiki-Kai Australia membership application form to your first class.

If you are a current Aiki-Kai Australia member, you do not need to do this, nor do you need to apply for a separate membership.

Cost: $2 per trial class (limit of 2)


Joining the Club

After your trial period, or if you wish to join immediately, there are three steps to joining the club. These steps apply to anyone - student, staff, alumni or general community (meaning anyone else).

  1. Join the club via UniOne: click the Join or Renew button at the top of the menu to the right. 
    Alumni and Community Members, please see the instructions on the page for how to create an account.
  2. Complete your Aiki-Kai Australia membership:
  3. Pay for Aikido Victoria training subscription
    1. Monash students - Semester
    2. Staff/Alumni and Community Members - Training Subscriptions

If you are unsure about the type of membership that applies to you, please ask the instructors.


Monash Student Training Subscription

Aikido Victoria offers a special discounted training rate for current Monash University students.

This subscription is only available online. It is:

  • Cost effective - based on training twice a week
  • Covers the entire semester
  • Frees you and the instructors from needing to carry cash

This discounted rate is only available to current Monash University students, and does not include training fees for other Aikido Victoria dojos or special training events.

For more information, please see the Monash University Training Addendum here.

Staff, Alumni and Community Member Training Subscriptions

For non-students, membership types are the same as for the rest of our national organisation. See here for more details: Aiki Kai Australia - New Memberships

Training subscription fees for non-students are the same as across all of Victoria, and allow you to train at any of our other dojos across the state. See here for more details: Aikido Victoria - Training Fees


Example Cost Breakdown (effective April 19, 2024)

Aiki-Kai Australia Membership Training Subscription  Total
Monash Student Semester: $5 Semester: $40 Semester: $45
Community Member (full fee) Introductory (3 months): $60 Monthly: $130 First 3 months: $190

Concession rates are available. Please email for more information.

Please present your training subscription receipt before training. 


Other Notes about Membership

  • Due to Monash University policy, we have limited spaces for community members. You are welcome to come along but we may refer you to our other Victorian dojos.
  • Training fees cover our rental for the space that the University provides the Club, as well as other expenses such as social events and promotion.
  • Aiki Kai Australia national membership is compulsory for anyone training with us. It provides you with public liability coverage, allows you to attend classes at our other dojos, attend training events and take grading examinations.