Squash Club

Racquet Loan Terms and Conditions

  1. Free racquet loans are available for new starters that have a valid membership. Free racquet loans are available for new starters for 2 months from their initial commencement date with the club.
  2. Racquet loans are only available during regular weekly training sessions subject to availability of volunteers. Members are advised to arrange their own squash equipment as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
  3. After their initial 2 months at the club, all members are required to use and maintain their own squash equipment.
  4. Club racquet loans are strictly only for new starters during their initial 2 month at the club. They are not available for members
    • who forget or decide to not bring their own racquet to training.
    • whose racquet is unusable due to damage such as broken strings. Each member should have a spare racquet ready for this eventuality.
  5. Racquet loans from the club are a privilege and not an entitlement. Members who are reckless, disrespectful or cause excessive damage to club racquets can expect to have their loan privileges revoked permanently.
  6. Eligible members can only loan one racquet at a time. Members can not arrange loans for other members.
  7. Members who loan a club racquet are responsible for it until it is returned. Members are not permitted to share their loaned club racquet with any other induvial. Members who share their club loaned racquet with another individual are still responsible for it.
  8. Members that record false information on the sign out sheet will have their racquet loan privileges revoked permanently and may be subject to other disciplinary measures.

Racquet Loan Procedure

  1. Ask a volunteer for a loan racquet. The volunteer will select a racquet for you. Note the ID number on the racquet.
  2. Record your details on the sign out sheet. All fields need to be filled in every time before a racquet loan will be granted. The text must be legible.
  3. Once finished with the racquet, return it to a volunteer who will tick off your name.

Pro tips

Ask a club volunteer or member before buying your first racquet to reduce likelihood of buyer’s remorse. Club volunteers and members can show you how to put on a new grip on your racquet.