MASS was established in 2010 as a profession-based student group catering specifically for students pursuing econometrics, statistics or actuarial studies majors.


Comprising of over two hundred Monash students, we focus on an actuarial science background, but the wider Monash community is also welcomed to join. We offer a range of social activities to create friendships, whilst also helping our members network with events tailored to connect members and sponsors with each other.

Our goal is to help students maximise their academic performance and employment opportunities.

(i) To foster well-educated actuarial graduates who will make important contributions to the financial security of individuals, corporations and society as a whole through their ability to recognise, quantify, evaluate and manage financial risk and uncertainty, and who contribute to the advancement of the actuarial and professions;
(ii) To supply essential assistance and advice for members looking for vocational and graduate employment in the actuarial and/or econometric fields;
(iii) To assist in the promotion of the Monash Actuarial Program to current and prospective students, and to provide valuable information regarding the Australian Institute of Actuaries’ accreditation process; and
(iv) To maintain dynamic relationships with actuarial science industry representatives.