What are the UniSport Nationals?

The UniSport Nationals provide an opportunity for students from 43 universities across Australia to compete head to head in a number of national standard sporting competitions (including Taekwondo!). Competitors from across the country battle it out to crown their university as the national champions.

When is it?

The 2022 UniSport Nationals Division 1 will be held on 25 September - 1 October (TBC) (during Semester 2 mid-sem break!).

Where is it held?

The 2021 UniSport Nationals Divison 1 will be held in Perth, Adelaide. We usually spend our free time exploring the city, walking along the beach or hanging out as a group.

How do I sign up?

Please notify a committee member or contact our Team Organiser if you are interested in competing for 2022 UniSport Nationals Division 1.

Liam Coultas, Secretary: