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> How do the prices work?

By signing up for membership, you will be entitled to member discounts. This means you can buy class packages and purchase casual classes for $10. If you do not have membership, you cannot purchase class passes but you can attend casual classes for $15. Note: Week 1 classes are FREE!
We also offer $5 off the class packages if you sign up for the whole semester in O-week or Week 1.  You can sign up for as many classes as you want! However, you do pay for each of them separately. You can find the price list here.

> Can I try out the class for free on my first time? / Can I join a class anytime during the semester?

We offer free classes in Week 1! If you are reading this after Week 1, unfortunately you’ve missed out. Usually throughout the semester, you're more than welcome to sit on the couch at the back of the room and observe, however due to Covid-19 capacity restrictions we are no longer able to allow this. Instead, you can purchase a once-off casual pass to try out a class. If you like the classes, feel free to purchase more casual passes or a class package at any time during the semester.

> How do I pay/sign up? 

You can sign up through this website. A tutorial to do so can be found here.

> Where is the rehearsal room?

We’re in the Campus Centre, 21 Chancellors Walk, Clayton Campus, underneath Boost Juice. Walk inside the double doors just to the left of Boost Juice, go through the grey door on the right, and go down the stairs. The rehearsal room is the first on your left!

> What if I’ve never danced before? 

All of our beginner and open-level classes are suitable for all dancers (including absolute beginners), so fear not if you haven’t danced before, we’ll have you busting a move in no time!

> Can I switch classes? 

Switching between classes will only be allowed in extreme circumstances. Please refer to our terms and conditions here. If you are eligible for a swap please fill out this form.

> Do you have classes in the evenings or the holidays? 

Unfortunately not. Our classes run from week 1-12 inclusive (excluding university holidays). You can see all the classes we run in our timetable.

> What should I bring/wear to class? 

Comfortable clothes and shoes you can dance in, and a water bottle! At our dance classes, you can wear anything you feel comfortable dancing in. Make sure your movement isn’t restricted – for ballet and contemporary, many people wear socks and flexible clothing such as leggings and a tank top, while in classes like salsa people go for jeans and t-shirts. It can also get very warm in the rehearsal room, so if it’s a cold day – wear layers! For particularly energetic classes you may want to bring a towel and maybe a change of clothes. Wear shoes that will stay on your feet, won’t make you slip, and won’t stick to the floor. If you have dance shoes, feel free to wear them!

> I’m interested in teaching x dance style, would you like another class? 

Unfortunately, the club doesn’t have the resources to host every style we want to. However, we would seriously consider running a class that has enough dedicated interested students. Feel free to email us at to express your interest!

> Just how awesome/friendly/nice/cool is the club? 

It's fun times and good vibes only. We're keen to dance with y'all 💚

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If you have any other questions or enquiries contact us through our Facebook (@monashdancesociety) or email!