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The last two season has been an exciting time in the history of the Monash University Cricket Club, in 2014 the Monash Gryphons Cricket Club was formally renamed to Monash University Cricket Club, and moved to the Clayton Campus, while maintaining a team at East Caulfield Reserve. In 2016 the club reached out to members of the previous Monash University Cricket Club who were merged in 2002, with the idea to recognise both club's proud history moving forward.

Last season the club started a new women's team, after a 5 year hiatus, with a team entered in Cricket Victoria's women's community cricket competition - southern division. At the first committee meeting of 2017/18 season, the club committee have agreed to begin the creation of an official Past Players and Supporters Association.

The aims of the PPA could include the following are:
  • allow and encourage past players to maintain a link to club
  • allow and encourage past players to maintain a link to each other
  • conduct regular PPA events such as the drinks/dinner on AFL grand final eve to provide interaction between past / current members of the club
  • foster goodwill between current and past players
  • past players can provide knowledge, expertise, contacts to assist current administrators
  • past players to lobby University Council / local council on matters affecting the Club e.g. guarantee access to turf grounds
  • provide a source of additional funding for club activities and operations
  • past players to fund purchase of an appropriate award / trophy for presentation night
  • facilitate fund raising to foster development of up and coming players
  • facilitate fund raising for capital works and equipment purchases

Joining the Past Players Association
The joining fee for the Past Players Association is $50, which will include free entry to the Past Players Day and the Club Presentation Night. 

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Past Players
Past Players Events
  • The club will hold a Past Players day at a 1st XI Match.
  • The club will hold a Veterans' Game once a season.
MyCricket Update The club committee has been working hard on entering as many old scorebooks as possible into MyCricket (Cricket Australia's cricket database).

Monash University Cricket Club (1962-2002)

Monash University Gryphons Cricket Club (1990-2017)

There is a number of outstanding books we have not entered yet, and also a number of books that are missing. As we move towards completing all existing books, we get closer to having a complete history of both clubs.